My favorite book

As a classified bookworm who has already read hundreds of books in just one decade, picking a favorite is one of the most difficult things you could ask me to do. However, in August of last year I read my favorite book.

It’s funny because the book was actually a cover buy. I fell in love with the cover from the first time I saw it and I had to own it even if it was only for photographing purposes(I am a bit of a book photography enthusiast, but that is no surprise). I had also read many good reviews and with very good reason.

Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon is my favorite book. It still feels a bit weird having a favorite book because I simply could not decide for so long!

I read the book twice, both times in one sitting, and I loved it.

Everything Everything is a YA contemporary novel about a teenage girl, Maddy, who cannot leave her house, she is essentially allergic to the world and the boy next door, Olly, who desperately wants to reach her. It is about how much we are willing to risk for love.

The book was everything, everything(pun intended). I read the first sentence and it brought a smile to my face, I read the first paragraph and I felt excitement build up in my chest, I read the first 2 pages and I couldn’t put it down. It’s as simple as that.


The writing was eloquent and so, so beautiful. It was definitely my favorite thing about the book. The story itself was amazing because of its unpredictability, it was the least cliché love story I’ve ever read. I would describe it as shockingly beautiful because I found myself surprised and amazed at every thought.

I found everything about the book unexpected in a really good way. The characters, the story, the words and the illustrations all surprised me. There is something to be said about books that are so specially unique in not only their characters and plots but their styles as well. Nicola Yoon managed to hit the mark on every aspect of the book.

Joyful grins, loud laughter, audible gasps and pure wonderment are just some of the feelings I experienced whilst reading it not forgetting the many heart-pounding-in-my-chest-excitement-building-in-my-stomach moments.


If I were to describe the book in one word it would be: Breathtaking. I have read a few breathtaking books before but this was the only one that literally took my breath away. Hence, it is my favorite book.

I must say that after a full decade of not being able to name my favorite book it feels absolutely exhilarating to be able to name it now. That may sound a tad dramatic but in the life of a bookishnerd it is in fact quite exciting.

xx                                                                                                                                                               tbn                                                                                                                                                                                                            IMG_6660


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